New West sales stand above the neighbouring communities. We have some ideas why that might be.     Find Geoff Find Matt...View Details

Brendan gives us an inside look at buying real estate in Kelowna and the little things that have helped his business flourish. This was an awesome lau...View Details

There is a segment in the marketplace making a lot of low ball offers? What's their agenda? When can it be effective?   And somehow we end up in a deb...View Details

Short vs. long format. Give it all away, or just a tease? Informative or funny? What video styles are appropriate?  We really want to hear your feedba...View Details

April market stats are out. We discuss, break down values versus volume and make some projections. How have we changed our businesses to adjust and wi...View Details

Some of us have extra time on our hands and some of us have kids. If you have spare time, we have ideas for easy-to-do projects that will make you mon...View Details

We're very excited to bring you an interview with Jas Takhar, co-founder of REC Canada the #1 Royal Lepage real estate team in Canada in 2019. He shar...View Details

Showings are happening, safely. Deals are getting done. Your three hosts discuss their recent experiences and what to watch out for to avoid risks of ...View Details

Our days are pretty full. How is that possible?     Send your feedback and questions to Look up the co-hosts at: theneww...View Details

Geoff curated some of the best questions coming from rookie agents. He puts Matt and Jeremy on the hot seat.   Send your feedback and questions to fee...View Details

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