Selling when you have pets is hard. Buying when you have pets is hard. We talk about it and what you can do to make it easier.   Send your feedback an...View Details

To the point: We talk pretty candidly about the most common commission, what we charge, and when an agent is charging too much.   Send your feedback a...View Details

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The title kind of says it all. Geoff Mclennan and Jeremy Rae discuss some of their pet peeves...

Strata councils have lagged behind the demand for policies and infrastructure to support EV's. It's certainly easier in a house, but not always straig...View Details

Special guest Chris Dupuis, Notary Public explains why notaries make it look easy. They're role is so, important to facilitate a smooth tran...View Details

News Global News real estate feature finds that developers are delaying constructing out of fear they won't hit their pre-sales targets to qualify for...View Details

We dedicate an entire episode to recent real estate news. Because it's a big deal! What's up with this Hong Kong extradition business and more buyers ...View Details

We let super-fan Sam Teja take Matt's spot. Nuff said.... (Jer did the write-up this week, sorry)

NEWS May stats have been released. Sales volume is up, but still well below the norm.   S.C.A.R.F. Face S.C.A.R.F. is an acronym created by Dr. David ...View Details

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